Du Bois “The Problem with the Twentieth Century.

“The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the colour-line”, Du Bois has stated, and he raises an important idea that has not only caused problems in the twentieth century but, caused problems within a lot of history, racism. Du Bois brings racism into the highlight due to his reference of the colour-line, which is the line that defines the differences between men and women of European descent and the men and women of African descent as well as including Asian and oceanic heritage. What I believe Du Bois is explaining is that the reason why he believes that the twentieth century has issues is that as humankind we still divide each other with meaningless characteristics. Du Bois was a writer and speaker that continued to speak against the ideas of racism due to the fact that it served no purpose and halted the development. As an African American writer and speaker Du Bois faced racism and understood more than most about the ugliness of racism, and I stand by what he states. Racism can not be continued in the Twentieth century due to it causing trouble with the relationships between humans.


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