Sydney Art Museum

Brett Whitely “The balcony 2” presents a un-detailed picture of the harbour. The main feature of the artwork is the ocean that takes up the most space with its dark blue that makes the water appear to have no depth and feels all consuming. The painting presented a cooler representation of the environment and added the white makes it look as a Sydney summer day. It is a single shot of the moving world capturing the movement of the environment from his eyes in a single moment. It creates the bright day that Brett Whitely is experiencing and displays an intense admiration for the Sydney harbour including different points in which Brett Whitely creates a detailed picture of a single point while the rest blends the point into the greater picture. It is clear that Brett Whitely has a good relationship with the environment around him and creates a mixture of urban and floral environment where they communicate with each other and never giving off a tone of terror to the audience. The surroundings from his balcony are almost absurd with the form of painting where buildings and the land outside the water have a generic form instead of highly detailed. Brett Whitely highlights the beauty of Sydney harbour with “The balcony 2” and respects the nature that surrounds it as well as takes form, within Sydney.

“First-class marksman” by the Australian painter Sydney Nolan presents Ned Kelly shooting a rifle within the Australian Outback. Within the painting, there is a clear relationship between Sydney Nolan and Ned Kelly as he paints the outlaw within a position that is heroic. This creates the idea that Sydney Nolan admired the Australian outlaw as an anti hero and didn’t think negatively of what the man performed. Sydney Nolan paints the man in his iconic black armour while holding a rifle towards the outback with his finger already on the trigger. The landscape around Ned Kelly is detailed with the warm Australian colours presenting the harsh conditions of the outback and increasing the toughness of Ned Kelly as he stands out in his black armour. The only clear shapes within the artwork are Ned Kelly as well as the far back ground while the forest in between takes a wild look. It is a realistic piece of artwork that presents Ned Kelly integrated into the rough environment and unfazed by what would be considered the harsh Australian outback. Ned Kelly admired the marksman, and it is presented within “First-class marksman”.



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